Our Commitment to a Rural Community

It is not uncommon to find that when people travel within rural communities, many of the amenities found in larger urban centers are not present. This was one of the main challenges our team faced when developing this dental practice. Ultimately, it was decided that we REFUSE to COMPROMISE on patient care. We REFUSE to be just acceptable. We DEMAND EXCEPTIONAL treatment for our patients and work place for our staff. We VALUE their time and commitment to us, many driving over an hour to come to our practice. In turn we have chosen the best technology in modern dentistry to share with our community and our patients. We are so excited to share these modern advances with you and encourage you to come and ask us about all the new tools, present and future, that we are incorporating to help care for you!

Digital x-rays

Did you know that the radiation dosage from a digital x ray is only one fraction of that in a conventional dental x ray ? We have selected digital x rays for our practice to protect our patients and enhance the experience in our office. These x rays pop up on the screen immediately and can be manipulated by your dental team chair side allowing us to explain your images to you in detail. We pride ourselves on giving our patients full autonomy over their treatment and sharing information is key to that.


Sterilization Center

Our practice has been built with your safety first. Our large sterilization center is currently being fabricate in Saskatchewan and is the focal point of our office. It has been designed to grow with our practice. Our site goes above and beyond the ever expanding guidelines for sterilization set out by the Royal College of Dentistry as well as the standards of Public Health Ontario. Feel free to ask any of our staff how we are taking measure to protect you!


treatment CENTERS, not just a dental chair

Dental treatment centers were the most difficult part of the selection process. With various options our team selected the German engineered and fabricated Sirona line of dental treatment centers for their practical integration, ergonomics and attention to detail from a patient and provider standpoint. We were absolutely astonished at all the features in these products and are excited to share them with you !



Good oral health in children takes the whole family and dental team! We have committed to the continuity of care for our youngest patients with a dedicated treatment center for kids to keep them calm while undergoing treatment. We have also a kids colouring station in our reception area to keep your little ones occupied while they wait for you or their siblings. Soon enough all the kids in town will be excited to go to the dentist !


digital one visit dentistry

We value your time and commitment to our practice and have invested in the technology to eliminate subsequent visits. CEREC Design and Milling Studio allows us to fabricate our crowns, bridges and other ceramic restorations in the office while you wait. No second appointments, no impressions, and you only are frozen one time. Digital chair side dentistry has become the standard for many practices around the world and we are happy to be able to share it with you in Glencoe Ontario!


A relaxing environment

We recognize that previously, coming to the dentist may have caused anxiety for some people. Our practice has been built with your comfort in mind from the moment you enter our facility. Our reception area will be stocked with books and magazines for you to explore as well as complimentary coffees, teas and other beverages for our patients or their families waiting on them. We want you to enjoy the comforts of our office, before, during, and after your dental visit and share your experiences with your friends!