Overview of Services

Our facility is proud to bring most aspects of your oral health care close to home. We pride ourselves on providing evidence based diagnosis and treatment focused on prevention of pain and disease.

A brief overview of our services includes:

Check ups and Cleanings with minimal radiation Digital X Rays

Tooth Restorations (fillings)

one visit Crowns and Bridges

kids dentistry


Root Canal Therapy



laughing gas, Sleep Dentistry

and more.

For more details see our links and information below and contact us for your appointment today !


Diagnosis and preventative care

The mainstay of oral health care is regular cleanings and checkups as determined by your health care team after evaluating your unique needs and determining a clinical diagnosis. Our facility is proud to employ a variety of treatment options for providing dental cleanings in order to best treat our patients regardless of their condition.

Aren’t a fan of the scraping and gritty cleanings? Follow the link below to learn more here about Air Flow Dental Cleanings! A new tool in dentistry which minimizes the need for scraping your teeth during your dental cleanings and eliminates the grit. Think of it as a gentle pressure washer for your teeth and gums ! Another tool to we employ to better serve you.


One Appointment crowns

In addition to conventional fillings our practice employs digital scanning and milling of ceramic restorations in house, which means, no impressions, no subsequent appointments and no temporary crowns. We are able to fabricate ceramic crowns, bridges, and other ceramic restorations in the office which will last you years. Our investment in same day dentistry means less appointments for you to receive the same services for the same cost as a conventional crown. Click the link below to learn more!


surgery and Sleep Dentistry, Implants, wisdom teeth and more

The most important aspect of surgical dentistry is our patients comfort and easy of access. We understand any surgical procedure can be a source of anxiety and we are here to help! Whether its a simple extraction of a tooth, impacted wisdom teeth, or implants we are here to provide you with comfortable and accessible treatment. We can even provide avenues of sedation from laughing gas to full sedation by certified anesthesiologists here in our practice. Contact us to learn more about how we can be of service to you !


Clear Aligner Therapy

Always wanted to have straight teeth but not a fan of wire braces? Ask us about clear aligner therapy, a comfortable and easy way to give you the smile you want. For patients who qualify we can provide this treatment in our office or coordinate more complex care with our extensive network of orthodontists.